Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 Strange occurances

Monday morning I had  a weird dream, where I kept on getting message on text, email, vm, phone, and people whispering in my ear to remind my manager at work that I have Wed off. It happened at least 15 times. So I went to work and told him, that I was to remind him that I have off on Wed. We thought it was funny. Then yesterday the dream continued and I was told good job for telling him I had off. I thanked whoever told me that, and said I am not questioning the reason (as the last time something like this happened and I didn't listen I got badly injured) but if they (I couldn't see anyone just knew someone was there) could tell me what was going to happen if I didn't take the day off. No one said anything but someone placed pieces of Amethyst in my hand.

Part of what the mystical properties of Amethyst is: Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work, and protects one from thieves, and protects travelers.  (you can read more on this at:  and )  

So I took the day off, and had a inspiring day, uneventful otherwise. Which is good. 

Ok on the creative side. I sketched a bit and then got started working on my zodiac stamp designs.  My friend has a stamp maker, so I am going to design my own! Here is the the first one I worked on. 
Talking about my bad luck with electronics, my laptop can play dvd's but won't let me even open manually my adobe photoshop disk. I guess I will first draw all my stamps and by the time I am done I will have photoshop on this to make everything crisp with slightly thicker lines. 

LOL ok.. now my phone crashed for the 3rd time while attempting to send the sketches... So this is it for today. 

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