Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155 Stormy weather, & an almost Rainbow

Bright blue skies and fluffy cotton clouds greeted me this morning. It gave me the chance to do some balcony-scaping. I planted some basil in the big pot, bid farewell to the bonsai and planted marigold seeds in its place and 2 other pots.  I had barely finished doing those when dark clouds appeared and soon after a loud thunderstorm. When the storm was over, I caught the glimpse of the start of a rainbow..  but it never fully developed :( 
Yesterday I was wearing a blouse with sequins and the birds went nuts over it. So today I took one of my everyday blouses and sewed on some buttons and let them go to town. It was so much fun to have them interact with me. They also pointed out where they would like for more buttons to be placed. So added some more for our playtime tomorrow :)
Day 3 of the photoadayjune challenge. Today's theme was #onyourplate . I took a picture of the plate after I ate what was on it, crumbs :)
Start of the day
New basil plant

Marigold seeds planted
And then the dark clouds appeared
the rain
The almost Rainbow
Oscar playing with the button :)

Day 3- What's on your plate

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