Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days 175 - 182 Hot end to June

How hot you say?  Heat index over 100 degrees. Yet that didn't stop me from venturing out and about the city (yeah I know my job requires me to do that).  And now June is over , with a bang having instagram, netflix & pinterest crash!!!
I had tons of fun doing the instagram challenge with the photo of  the day, and will do it for July too.  Here are the days I didn't have the chance to post.

Day 175 6-23-12
Day 23 Movement

Day 176 6_24_12
Day 24  On my mind (Eric Northman)

happy clouds :)

Day 177  6_25_12
Day 25  Cute

Day 178 6_26_12
Day 26  where I shop

It's going to be hot!
 Day 179 6_27_12
Day 27  Bathroom
Day 180 6_28_12
Day 28  on the shelf  - my handmade jewelry!

Enchanted City

Pit stop

Never on time

William Penn

Sparkly beads

Day 181 6_29_12
Day 29  Soft

Another hot one

Mosquito Visitor
Day 182 6_30_12
Day 30  a friend : My BFF, my Sister!!!

Sky becoming overcast
Looking forward to a fun July

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