Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159 A double surprise!

This weather has been very dramatic, and as noted in my previous posts has given me plenty of opportunities for some amazing shots. Today wasn't any different. Took a few shots of the changing clouds from bright to dark.  In the early evening I heard some sounds outside and went to check what was going on only to find workers around a manhole. As I turned to go back inside my eye caught something- a fragment of a rainbow! I snapped a few shots and was very happy with what the universe had provided for the day.  Not long after I looked outside the window and noticed a strange hue to the sky.I stepped on the balcony only to be greeted by a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! wow....
Need I say more?
Double rainbow
Early sky
Afternoon sky
Fragment  rainbow
last rays

setting sun and disappearing rainbow

Day 7  - Drink

Fancy Bird - Tony the lovebird inspired by the Jubilee celebrations


  1. These pics are beautiful - I think the double rainbow one is my favourite!

    Marie x

  2. Thank you Marie!
    Do you have twitter by the way? What is your handle?

  3. Yes - on Twitter - @marievickersart
    Let me know your user name (or I will find u if you follow) :)