Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 172 Heat wave & sweet memories

Today the heat index reached 105 degrees in Philadelphia. Was wishing for icies and ice cream all day long, but ended up not eating either. Instead I had coffee.

Today's pic of the day was "favorite picture you've taken". If you know me then you realize what a tough choice that is as I have a few awesome shots. But I chose the one of the youngest feathered babies. Its of course a picture of a picture here, but I will find the original somewhere -as I had painted it last year.  I feel that the picture captures the playful nature and the love these 2 birds share.

The story behind the adoption of the birdies goes like this. Almost 6 years ago my beloved Alexia (peach faced lovebird) suddenly passed away after being with me for 11 years. The 2 parakeets my sis had were so depressed with the loss that they stopped eating and singing. So off to the pet store we  went, were I saw the 2 playful cockatiels. Since I lived in a condo, I couldn't get both so I took the grey one home. For a week Emmy didn't eat or sing. Wasn't sure if she even had any water...  the parakeets on the other hand snapped out of their depression as they were curious with the new visitor.
Well I didn't want another dead bird, so I took her back to the store, and said that the bird was either sick or must have been attached to it's cage mate. At that point I found out that the 2 birds shared the cage for 3 moths! so I begged them to put Emmy back in the cage, and when Emmy was reunited with Oscar  they ran to each other and the wrapped their wings around each other .They were so happy to be together.It was such a beautiful sight.
Needless to say,  I returned home with both of them:)
Day 20   - fave picture   Oscar and Emmy Playing


  1. One of my fave pics of the birdies. :)

  2. So adorable!! My family had a cockateil that lived for many years. Beautiful little companions! I love this photo!! <3

    1. Thank you Danielle,
      I will find the full picture and post it in my blog hopefully over the weekend. Cockatiels are so gentle :D