Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 13

So I decided to  change things around and do a jewelry piece today. It's been a while since I added a pendant and my stones/crystals have been calling out my name.
I chose the snowflake obsidian one with the word LOVE on it. This week with all the news about the Tuscon shooting, the innocent people gone and some still clinging to life - Love seemed to just scream at me to be used. Love heals everything.  This specific stone doesn't have that many snowflakes in it.
According to the Healing Crystals site :
this stone is a grounding one , repels negative energy and can bring the truth to the surface (read article for more details)  It just felt right.

St. Xavier's looks so warm and inviting

I usually don't design my wrap before I do it, simply because I am usually guided on how the flow should go.   A heart at the center top has spirals springing out. It can be worn on either side though I like the intricate wire work to show.


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