Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29 - Waking up on time!

YAY!!!! woke up at 6am and painted before I went to work.  I was soooo proud of myself :D  Going to work and back was a challenge. Ice is not my friend - due to the hand injury... and I hate wearing my brace :(
day 29 start
Decided to draw my doll. Interesting story about her - she was an Ebay purchase a few years back, and they claimed she was possessed *grin*. Supposedly her aura changes when one plays the piano _ but I never saw such a thing happen (maybe she didn't like my playing). I bought her because her outfit looked a lot like a halloween outfit I had during mardi gras one year in Greece (our halloween). She always looks so sad and pale and lonely even though I keep her in the living room.
Here she is

I think she cracked a smile when she saw the finished painting  :D
what I had to climb over


They say more snow is on the way...

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