Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3!

Ohhhh... it was rough. 6am is pitch black outside.
The good thing is that my room has an east view so as I created I got to watch the sun rise. I did take some pics, but will have to wait till tonight to share.
In the mean time take a look at Pepe- the papillion.  Watercolor.
So I have to wonder if I have the dedication that is needed to keep up with this. I have to change my sleeping habits, though my work schedule will change next week. I should be in bed by 10, 11 would be pushing it, if I want to be able to wake up at 6 and be able to create for 2 hours without messing my project.
I actually had fun painting Pepe. My skills have improved with watercolors, and the result is more lifelike. I am my worst critic, and my eye gets stuck on the little details I wish i had done differently. And from my rambling one can see that I have a tough time saying "this is done" and letting go. Which is something I struggle with in many areas of my life.
So this is done.
a couple more pics from this morning:
barely awake

my brie and melba toast

The birdies watching me

 Now to decide what to do tomorrow morning.


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