Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A study in black and white without using those colors (day 5)

I had a tough time last night picking a subject for this mornings painting.
I settled on an head shot my sister had with her short hair. Knowing it wouldn't be the easiest thing to do
early in the morning, I did it.  The result of the study is better than what I expected but it also shows my weaknesses. I go heavy on the dark, and need work on the gradation of the shadowing.
Lesson learned!

Hot cocoa this morning in the hug mug


A study of Anthee
without flash makes it look sepia toned
So for tomorrow I was planning a watercolor of Emmy and Oscar my 2 cockatiels.
Then sis said no.. do one of Damian and Toni (she Damian passed about 6 mos ago and we all miss him)but then Mom said.. why don't you do this picture... 
I guess we will be surprised!

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